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Pittsburg State University - Kansas City Metro Center

Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Amy Garver

"My decision to earn a second master's degree through the PSU - KC Metro Center has been a positive experience.  The PSU - KC Metro Center staff and faculty are friendly, available to answer questions, and responsive to our needs as working professionals."

Amy Garver, MS in Educational Leadership


“In my life, I have learned ‘I Can.’  By that I mean I have been blessed with a deep desire to excel in all that I do—from aerospace engineer to Army colonel to telecommunications engineer, I believe hard work creates opportunity.  I have chosen to take those opportunities and expand on them by taking part in the MS in Teaching (Restricted License Emphasis) program.  The program allows me to pass my ‘I Can’ outlook on to future generations.”

Louie Gonzales, MS in Teaching
(Restricted License Emphasis)

Alumni Louie Gonzales


Alumni Laura Miller

"I chose Pittsburg State University to obtain my Master's degree in Special Education because the program was made affordable to me as an out-of-state resident through a special continuing education rate.  As a first year teacher, I have learned the essential tools and skills that have proven to be useful within my classroom!” 

Laura Miller, MS in Special Education


“I chose the PSU - KC Metro Center for the online courses, structured course sequence, and positive and timely communication I received from the PSU - KC Metro Center Staff.” 

Brian Tadlock, MS in Special Education

Alumni Brian Tadlock


Alumni Steve Vandemark

“As a new elementary school administrator, I can reflect back on PSU’s Building Level Licensure program and know that I received an education that made the transition from classroom teacher to building administrator a smooth one.  The program utilized current, experienced, and well- respected administrators as professors, bringing a true level of understanding to us with each course.” 

Steve Vandemark, PSU Building Level Licensure